postpartum chiropractic care


Having a chiropractor examine your baby as soon as they are born is essential to encourage normal growth and development. Now, why would a baby get adjusted? It’s simple! As a baby is growing, their little brains are putting so much energy into developing in the first few years. Because the brain’s main pathway of communication is through the spinal cord, a child’s spinal health is vital to their normal growth, development, health, and wellness.

These electrical signals tell their little bodies exactly what to do and how to do it, coordinating their immune system, drainage of their ear/nose/throat (ENT), digestion, speech development, and motor development. Gentle adjustments are used to softly bring your little one’s spine into a peaceful state, so that they can grow and thrive without interference. These gentle adjustments are delivered with the same pressure as the one used to check the ripeness of a tomato.

In addition, many health challenges that appear in childhood and adulthood are caused by structural damage during birth, especially if there was traction during a vaginal and/or C-section birth, vacuum extraction, or forceps delivery. The top bone of the neck may shift because of this. As a result of that  subtle shift, the nervous system can be disrupted, affecting normal childhood development.

Chiropractic care helps the body adapt, heal, and function better, therefore it is very successful at helping children with colic, nursing challenges, acid reflux, cranial bone distortions, recurrent ear infections, constipation, sleep problems, torticollis, and better digestion.