Prenatal Chiropractic Care


Caring for women in all stages of pregnancy is our specialty! The  pregnant mother undergoes major and rapid physiological changes, which can lead to additional stress on her body. Nervous System Centered chiropractic care during the prenatal phase is vital to restore normal physiology of mother and baby during pregnancy and birth. Dr. Noelia is Webster Technique  Certified, which focuses on improving  the mother’s balance and alignment of the spine and pelvis. This specific  chiropractic analysis and adjustment  helps reduce interference to the nervous system and balances maternal  pelvic muscles and ligaments. The purpose of this technique is to optimize uterine function and allow for a safer, easier birth. (

Here are some of the major benefits of chiropractic throughout pregnancy and beyond:

  • Helps support postural changes while your baby grows
  • Makes pregnancy much more comfortable
  • Keeps pelvis aligned for optimal baby and birthing positioning
  • It has been proven to reduce labor times
  • It has been shown to decrease the risk of cesarean delivery and other interventions during pregnancy.
  • Maintains a healthier pregnancy overall
  • Helps ensure a faster postpartum recovery and a smoother transition between
    mother and baby.

“Your wellbeing is connected to your baby’s future wellness. A mom’s healthy nervous system in pregnancy will have a lifelong impact on the future health of her baby.”
-International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

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